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Important Factors to Consider Before Engaging in your Interior and Exterior Car Detailing

First you need to evaluate your vehicle before you begin your interior or exterior detailing of your car. You should check first to see if the vehicles coated wax is still new to determine if you will only wash the cat with wax wash to maintain it as it does not hold a lot of dust while still new and fresh. However, if the vehicle coat of wax is average then you need to clean the exterior and polish it well.

Car cleaning chemicals vary and so you should carefully buy a cleaning chemical that will not have negative impact on your car’s interior and exterior effects during your cleaning. When you opt to buy a new brand of a chemical cleaning for your car you should read the instruction since different brands contain different use and application.

Washing the exterior of your car will definitely remove loose contaminants such as dust, dirt and mud from the exterior of your vehicle and so you should consider using washing soap. Make sure to use clean mitts and drying cloths to wash the exterior of your vehicle other than dish cleaner which can easily damage the paint and strip away wax from your car exterior parts.

Use wax to prevent anything that may land on the pain and corrode the pain when washing the vehicle and also from excess sunlight that is responsible for exterior paint of the car fading off. Your vehicle will definitely attract dust and bird dropping hence keeping a spray detailer and a microfiber cloth can come in handy for removing such dust .

Make sure to spend more time in your interior cleaning since the interior is usually hard to clean and in order to do a thorough cleaning you need to do it without hurry. Debris in the car always collect behind the seats back, therefore you should fold it forward to remove the junk and to do a thorough cleaning using soapy water.

Make sure to use pumice block carefully since if you handle it roughly when cleaning plastic parts in the vehicle such as the dashboard you may end up leaving scratches on the hard plastic parts. Use a dirt scrubbing to dry scrub the dirt out of the plastic carpets outside the car to loosen dirt seated in the carpet.

Household cleaners contain ammonia which can easily damage your car window tints when you use them for your car hence you should avoid them. If you want to wash clean every interior parts in your car then you should move seats to have access to access other neglected areas and clean thoroughly with a sponge and soap.

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